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Boxwood Research

About Boxwood

Boxwood is the former name of our founder's house in Romney, WV. Built in 1793, the name Boxwood didn't come to fruition till the 20th Century. Boxwood Research, formerly known as Grubb Street is a nonprofit historical research organization based in Romney, West Virginia. Founded in February of 2023 by Brandy and Jonathan Williams, Boxwood Research is dedicated to studying folktales, cultural legends, and common mythologies and beliefs from societies, past and present, around the world. We find the common thread that binds us all together.



Boxwood Research is committed to providing accurate and comprehensive historical research services to its clients. Through a combination of primary source research, archival analysis, and careful analysis of data, we strive to uncover the past and provide our clients with reliable and meaningful information about their history. Our mission is to promote an understanding of the past through rigorous research, thoughtful interpretation, and an appreciation of the complex and diverse perspectives that inform the past.


Our vision is to empower the world to access and explore the rich history of the past through digitization and research. We will create a comprehensive library of historical resources, making them freely available to individuals, organizations, and institutions, so that everyone can discover and explore the past.


Organizational Information

EIN: 92-2254390

D&B Number: 118928300

State of WV Incorporated

IRS 501c3 Organization Status: Granted and Exempt

SAM.GOV Applied / CAGE Application Processing

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