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Project Hampshire

This project seeks to document and compile the history of Hampshire County, West Virginia by digitizing and preserving historical records and photographs. The goal is to create an online archive available to anyone interested in learning about the area's past, with organized searchable data that can be used for research and study. The project will include digitizing and cataloging historical documents such as court records, census data, newspaper articles, photographs, and other primary sources. The project will provide a comprehensive historical record of the county, helping to preserve and honor its past and share its story with future generations.

Project Sections

Personal Collections

Digitizing and archiving personal historical collections allows for greater access and preservation of valuable documents and artifacts. By digitizing and archiving personal historical collections, individuals can share the collections with a larger audience, making them accessible to those near and far. These collections can not only help preserve the past, but also give future generations greater insight into the stories of the times that have come before.

On Location Research

Researching historical sites can be a great way to gain a greater understanding of the past. Visiting the physical locations can be an enriching experience, as it can give a greater sense of context and atmosphere. Reading up on the history of a location can help to bring to life the stories of those who lived and worked there in the past.

Online Collaboration

Primary sources of historical record can provide valuable insight into the past, offering direct evidence of people's experiences, beliefs and attitudes. It is important to remember that primary sources should be interpreted carefully, as they can be biased or misrepresented. When researching primary sources of historical record, it is important to consider the context in which the source was created and the perspective of the author.

Questions or Contributions?

Anyone wishing to contribute historical collections or have questions related to them is welcome to reach out to us. We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about preserving and sharing history, and can help create a meaningful and informative collection. We offer a variety of resources and services to help ensure that your contributions are properly documented and organized.


We also provide guidance and advice for those who are new to the field of history, so that they can make the most of their contributions. Furthermore, if you have any questions, we are always available to answer them and provide support.

Coming Soon

We are currently developing the database and enclave for the project and infrastructure surrounding the digitization mission.

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